East End Security Services East End Security Services

What we do

Basic Services Include:
• All windows and doors are operational
• Visible signs of water leaks around doors, windows, walls and ceilings
• Signs of leaks in bathroom plumbing and hot water heater
• Flush toilets and run water in sinks, tubs and showers
• Visible signs of leaks in kitchen and utility room plumbing
• Refrigerator and freezer are
cooling properly
• Curtains and blinds are closed,
per request
• Air conditioning is cooling properly and thermostats are set, per request

• Appearance of insects and rodents
• Lawn, landscaping, irrigation and
house cleaning services
are being performed satisfactorily
• Exterior doors, windows are secure
as well as inspection of outside
structures including garage.
• Leaflets, newspapers and junk
mail collected
• Send inspection/verification reports
and digital photographs
when appropriate via email.
• Additional services are also available upon request.

* We will also keep an eye
on your boat



Rest assured the keys to your home will be safe in my hands.
East End Security Services